About us

Our Statement To You:
In building instant ammo – a proud small business – our mission was incredibly simple: To provide the best customer experience, and the best variety of ammunition related product at the best prices. Period! 

We were frustrated with the current options provided to customers at local stores and online. In addition, we didn’t find the competition to be providing a superior product for its customers. Our view is to cultivate not only the ability for our customers to purchase the highest quality ammo for sale at the best prices, but to also establish a longer-term relationship between likeminded enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide a venue to purchase ammunition and firearm accessories as well as content our community enjoys.

A few more points about us:
  • We are passionate shooters
  • We are customers of ammunition and ammunition related products
  • We are ardent defenders of the 2nd Amendment
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality products, at the most affordable prices to our customers
What Else:
  • Every product you see on our website is in stock and the quantity we have in stock is provided
  • Every business decision we make has the customer in mind. We continuously reach out to our community, and hope you reach out to us to provide both feedback and options/features/or products you would like to see on Instant Ammo the future.
  • We ship the same day you purchase if you order before 3pm ET, or the following business day if you order after 3pm ET, on the weekend or holidays.
Feel Free to Reach Out To Us:
Email: support@instantammo.com