Bulk Ammunition Purchases For The General Public

If you are a dealer who sells ammunition through gun shows, a pawn shop, a sporting goods store, a firearms store or just someone who buy bulk ammo, and are looking to purchase over 25,000 rounds of ammo today, contact the Instant Ammo team. We offer special discounts, and additional ways to buy ammo that is the most difficult to get your hands on.

Email us at service@instantammo.com today, and let us know the type of ammunition you are looking to purchase in bulk and how many rounds. Be sure to include your email address, telephone number, and your name so we can give you a quote quickly.

The quantity of stock we show online is what’s currently available, however please let us know how much you are interested in as we continually receive shipments of ammo – many times each day. We likely have the amount of ammunition you need, in the caliber, brand, and type you are looking for.

Law Enforcement (LE) & Agency Bulk Ammunition Purchases

InstantAmmo.com is happy to provide law enforcement and defense agencies an online ammo purchase resource that serves as an immediate and efficient supply for your department or agency. You can expect the same level of high quality service we provide civilian customers. Your online buying process with Instant Ammo will be simple and fast. If you need to contact us to purchase by other means than using a credit-card, please reach directly out to us at support@instantammo.com

We look forward to fulfilling your agency’s needs.